Working with Urth Agriculture.

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We make it easy for you.

We honor that you have refined your protocols to guarantee production on your ranch.  We also recognize that any change in your protocol creates too much risk financially.  That's why we don't ask you to change a thing.

Everyone has a their own growing systems with unique needs & issues.  Urth Agriculture works within your system to customize a solution that creates less work and can often reduce costs.  Our focus is delivering a highly effective product that's easy to use, at an affordable price.  Our products also happen to have zero negative impact on the environment.




Increase production, while reducing costs.

Our products are proven to have tremendous efficacy while also being inexpensive compared to what else is out there.  Talk to us about how we can demonstrate an increase in production, while reducing costs, all without changing your current protocols.


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We work within your systems.

We don't ask you to change a thing.

Conventional or Organic, Flood or Drip, Pasture or Greenhouse... you have your own unique system for growing. We work directly with you to integrate our products into your systems.


Low risk trials.

No one likes to "bet the farm."  We have customized, low-risk trials to demonstrate efficacy.

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How can we help?

We're here to help, even if you just have questions. Don't hesitate to contact Urth Agriculture at