Hear it from the horse's mouth. 

"Nano-Ag has made a +15-20% increase in tomato production. This is the best product we know of and I would definitely recommend it to anybody."

- Valley Tomato Farmer, CA

"I’m very happy with the product, it’s had a dramatic effect on our vines. We have all but eliminated any other fertilizers and pesticides from our program."

- Table Grape Grower, CA

US Field Studies

Cotton Farm, TX

Conventional fertilizer program yielded 12-14 bolls per plant. Field treated with Nano-Ag averaged 45-50 bolls per plant.

Row Crops, MO

Improved yield response +18% (or over $50.00/acre) over control. Measured 24% in row change in soil psi. Soil was clay loam.


Alfalfa Farm, OR

Increased the yield by +20% compared to the previous competitive program.


Alfalfa Farm, TX

Yield increased 2.5 to 3.0 tons per acre. Crude protein increased +23.1% overall.

Alfalfa at Farr Farm

Treatment increased yield +5-6 tons per acre, quality up from 55 to 57 TDN vs. control.  Water demand dropped -30% & eliminated pesticide use. Benefits sustained for 6 yrs running.

Pecan Farm, NM

Pecan production for the “off” year in this poor production area was greater than the “good” production year.


Nursery Plants, OR

Owner of nursery observed massively increased root growth, including labor intensive poinsettias.



Soil Nutrient Field Studies

Silty and Clay Loam Soils, IA / MO

Increased bio-availability of phosphorus (P1 and P2), potassium, calcium and magnesium of between +3% and +39.8% over control.

Corn Silage, TX

Treated seed increased yield +11-16% ton per acre with a +32% improved use of Nitrogen vs. control. 

Corn Farm, TX

Increased efficiency of salt based conventional fertilizer input expenses. The program improved yields +11%-20% and improved profitability from $47-$149/acre.   


Corn Farm, IA

Yield improved +16.5 bushels per acre with -50% less nitrogen (Liquid N 28%) netting an increase of over +$40.00 per acre.


Soybeans at Hallow Farm

At both foliar rates, there was +$1.50 to $2.00 

return per dollar invested.