Frequently Asked Questions

What research has been completed on your products? 

While Urth Agriculture offers truly revolutionary products, the proof is in the science.  So far, 70% (93 of 135) replicated field tests have shown profitable yield responses, soil compaction (PSI) reduced by 20-25% 18 inches into the soil profile, and consistent increases in crop nutrient content.  We have great success stories and have shared a few field studies here. Contact us for case studies or more information.


After a few years of using your products, will I need to continue their use? 

Crops can continue to improve performance as the soil and unfavorable conditions (toxicity, adverse weather, lack of organic matter & biological material) improve. During the past 60 years soil organic matter levels have continued to decrease. To reverse that trend, continuous explosion of macro and micro organisms, and their remains, is the only method to rebuild and restore organic matter levels.


You think and talk differently than most fertilizer suppliers. How are you different?

Leftover chemicals from World War II were approved for use in agriculture.  So for the past 50 years, most of us have been trained to think and apply concepts relating to chemical inputs for farming. Urth Agriculture focuses on helping farmers bring back the natural fertility in their soils by using biological & sustainable farming methods.

Biological farming is being incorporated successfully back into conventional crop practices for profitable production. Stimulated microbial soil environments will create more healthy soils and crops, decrease soil compaction, which improves air and water vertical movement. The results are improved yields and higher quality crops, which translates to a better return on investment (ROI).

With the accelerated use of commercial farm chemicals, thought to be necessary to modern agriculture, the study and use of balanced soil becomes increasingly important in revitalizing the soil rapidly, safely and economically.

If being “different” is stimulating and feeding dormant microbial life as an integral part of sustainable and/or conventional crop production, we feel proud to lead farmers towards positive change.  

These methods have been lost during the last few farming generations:

1) Micro-organisms: Microbial soil life, stimulated and fed to reproduce geometrically when environmental conditions, such as temperatures, moisture and toxicity are available inline. Microbial life can live and function in a much wider range of pH, moisture, temperature and toxic conditions than Macro-organisms. This is why they will be active when macro-organisms are not. But once they are established and balancing the soil, Macro-organisms will start to "move-in" and you will see balanced, synergistically functioning, "alive" soil.

2) Macro-organisms: earthworms, ants, etc, some of the big "earth movers" of the soil-life construction crew, digest fibrous material and produce castings (balanced plant food). Their dead bodies and castings could be classified as rich balanced topsoil.

For more information on the science behind our products, click here.


Will your products mix with liquid fertilizers?

Yes, the products are compatible with most liquid fertilizers that have a pH range of 6.3 - 8. 

In some cases our products can increase the efficient use of water soluble liquid nitrogen, calcium and sulfur. It will also improve leaf absorption when used with a foliar feeding method.

Our products are also 'stand alone' - especially The Nano-Ag Answer. So weaning off toxic chemical fertilizers and insecticides will yeild a better ROI and 'bottom line' profitability. 


Can I decrease my normal fertilizer inputs when using your products? 

Absolutley, depending upon your goals. If you want to see higher yields, you may choose to add our products to your existing fertilizer program. We may recommend a different (less toxic) source of nutrient inputs or at least some ways to "work around" your current inputs.

If your growing season and annual rainfall is limited and you have average cation exchange capacity with medium nutrient ranges, you can likely decrease your fertilizer input costs. 

If you wish to move toward organic production, the sooner you eliminate toxic, chemically based fertilizer inputs the better. Since our products stimulate the production of topsoil and the remediation of toxicity, in most cases, production will not decrease during this transition. In fact, we have seen production increase as the toxic conditions ar reduced.


How can your products work within my existing protocols?

We realize that everyone has a unique system for growing.  Urth Agriculture works directly with you to setup a customized system that works within your current protocols. We are confident that we can find a solution that won't create more work and could actually save you money.


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