The Bio-N-Liven Answer®

A revolutionary organic fertilizer.

The Mineral-Electrolye Answer® is a natural electrolyte and plant growth regulator that creates a balanced growing environment for any photosynthetic object.  It also happens to be organic.


Enhance availability of soil nutrients. 

The Mineral-Electrolye Answer® is a biologically active, water soluble, low pH, and low-molecular-weight component of the humic material in the organic matter of soil, peat, leonardite & coal containing colloidal trace minerals. 


ONE product, MANY benefits.

  • Enhances availability of soil nutrients for plants.
  • Chelates or binds soil chemicals that cause plant toxicity.
  • Improves soil tilth (aggregation), especially in clay.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Increases soil water holding capacity.
  • Maximizes plant growth & yields.
  • Assists with seed germination and root development.
  • Restores and balances electric life of all living cells.
  • Relieves oxygen deficiencies, thus helps plants to increase heat resistance and withstand dry conditions.
  • Decreases the amount of water required per unit of production due to a special chemical affinity for balance.
  • Aids in plant & root disease resistance.
  • Scavenges heavy metals.
  • Influences cation-anion (pH) balance.




    The Mineral-Electrolye Answer® in 2.5 gallong containers in liquid form. Just dilute with water and add to any irrigation system.  Foliar applications are extremely beneficial.  Apply in the row or on the seed.  For maximum efficacy, apply along with The Nano-Ag Answer® and/or Bio-N-Liven Answer®.