The Pro-Tech Answer®

The Pro-Tech Answer® is a proprietary blend of natural electrolytes and Sea Kelp that assists with disease & pest resistance, balancing pH and enhancing nutrient uptake at both the root & foliage.


Immediate nutrient uptake. 

The Pro-Tech Answer® provides trace mineral electrolytes in a form that plants can uptake immediately. Best results are seen with foliar feedings but soil applications are also beneficial. Research indicates that the amount and speed of nutrient absorption by plants is significantly higher as a foliar spray versus traditional soil applications.

What exactly is it?

The Pro-Tech Answer® is a proprietary blend of water soluble, low molecular weight components in the humic materials of soil, peat, leonardite, and coal containing colloidal trace minerals; sucrose; and sea plant material. 

Disease & Pest Resistance.

Delivering the necessary minerals and electrolytes found in The Pro-Tech Answer® reduces crop stress and increases resistance to disease and predatory pests. Regular applications of The Pro-Tech Answer® help protect crops from unwanted infestations while delivering the trace minerals and electrolytes essential for plant vigor.