Gilmour hose end sprayer


Gilmour hose end sprayer



our recommended hose end sprayer


  • automatically mixes & meters activated urth plant with water
  • easy-to-use mixing dial: setting shown in teaspoons, tablespoons and ounces per gallon
  • 4 pattern spray dial selects patterns for lawn, shrub, tree, and garden applications
  • "on" and "off" setting
  • swivel nut for upright hose attachment
  • durable, chemical resistant, rustproof polymer construction


  • 1/4 turn bottle attachment to reduce spills

Gilmour exists to meet the needs of serious gardeners and homeowners who demand the very best for their lawns and gardens. over the course of several decades, Gilmour has developed some of the most innovative tools on the market for pruning, trimming, watering, fertilizing, chemical application and cleaning. the quality of our products is unsurpassed, and we make it a point to offer environmentally friendly products that help customers use natural resources responsibly.

to see how to use the Gilmour hose end sprayer with Urth Plant, click here.

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