UrthPlant Starter Pack (3 Packets)


UrthPlant Starter Pack (3 Packets)


UrthPlant is one of the most effective & least expensive fertilizers on the market today.

Our Starter Pack includes 3 packets.  It will take about 3 applications before you see results.  Take some before & after pictures so you can see the difference! We love the see our customer's happy gardens! Keep your eyes out for new growth (light green buds, new stems/shoots). 

Our 10-Pack is our best value, including 10 packets; enough to last most people all year long. 

A difference you can SEE 

Farmers have been using UrthPlant for years with stunning results. Now that UrthPlant is available to everyone, we have some very happy gardeners as well.  Check out some of our testimonials and before & after photos.

Organic gardening that's easy 

For stunning results, simply follow our 3-steps:  1 - MIX,  2 - ACTIVATE,  3 - APPLY.  You can use a hose-end sprayer, watering can, or irrigation system.   Using a hose-end sprayer is the best way to feed UrthPlant into the soil and spray the foliage.  If you have a smaller garden, a watering can will work fine.  See our instructions page or watch our instructional video.

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